# Introduction

In a digital society, comprehensive strategies must be devised to protect its employees, customers, partners, data, information, and business from cyber threats.

Meet PhishX!

A digital security ecosystem for People that simplifies cyber risk mitigation, covering a complete set of solutions:

  • Awareness Platform: PhishX.
  • Personal Assistant against digital fraud: PhishX Assistant.
  • Gamification Platform: My PhishX.
  • Data and information integration platform: the PhishX API (Application Programming Interface).

With the PhishX ecosystem, you can train, measure, analyze, manage, and reduce risks for organizations and people, based on continuous micro-training and integrated collaborative tools.

Design simulations with our templates, create learning paths for your challenges, evaluate the use of those steps and recognize the people who contribute to your organization's digital security.

Buy PhishX according to the number of people that exist in your organization, be free to use in different cases and needs, contemplating the necessary functionalities for you, in our plans: Standard, Advanced and Premium.

PhishX will help you to transform the people in your organization into true allies of your digital security strategy.

PhishX integrates the conscious human intelligence of your organization, with the artificial intelligence of your cyber security.

Get in touch now and better understand how to be part of this new world of opportunities with PhishX, Cybersecurity for People.

If you have additional questions, we can make a conference call or send an e-mail to Customer Success.

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